Our Services

DCSM provides thorough, thoughtful and informed advice to our clients. Our research, analysis and experience help clients understand the issues facing them and the options they have to respond. We ensure our clients have the best possible information and understanding as they make decisions and take action in complex environments. We work with our clients through a full planning cycle including:

  • initial research, consultation and interpretation of the external environment
  • the development of meaningful, measurable strategies and plans to achieve goals
  • implementation plans to ensure that new strategies are put into practice
  • the development and implementation of strategic communication plans.

In addition, we can assist employers in responding to specific workplace issues including workplace harassment investigations.

We regularly partner with other individuals and organizations to bring additional resources and skills to benefit our clients.

Strategy Planning and Implementation

DCSM is experienced in developing strategies and plans with clients who are facing difficult and evolving problems. Our work is always grounded in an understanding of the economic, social and political environment in which our clients operate. We can provide an objective sounding board for your stakeholders to provide important feedback whether that is through one-on-one interviews or more complex consultation processes. We use information collected from multiple sources – interviews, literature reviews, e-surveys, and speaking with experts – to help develop realistic strategies and plans. Most important of all, we work with our clients throughout the planning process, to ensure the recommended directions will work for your organization.

We not only assist with the development of strategies and plans – we also aid with implementation. Organizations often develop plans but are challenged with implementation – we have the experience to help clients get past common pitfalls.

Workplace Solutions

It is an unfortunate reality that sooner or later most organizations face specific or broader personnel problems. Sometimes the problem is related to allegations of workplace harassment. We are experienced investigators and understand the complex process that is required of employers to respond to these difficult complaints. We use accepted best-practices to undertake thorough, objective and independent workplace harassment investigations, and strive to ensure timely conclusions to investigation processes. Learn more in our Guide to Workplace Harassment Investigations.

At other times, organizations, may ask whether they have the capacity to respond to changing circumstances and new plans. As experienced managers, we can assist with assessments of an organization, including the governance, the people, the structure and culture. We help clients develop organizational plans to supplement their strategies and new directions.

Strategic Communications

DCSM provides communication analysis and advice based on an organization’s big challenges and strategic direction. Our communications advice is linked to a larger assessment of the issues facing an organization and is one component of a larger plan. We understand the media, public opinion, crisis communication and stakeholder management. We can develop key messages that will work with specific audiences and identify key risks and mitigation strategies for your communication efforts. We can recommend specific actions, develop written communications and work with an advertising agency to develop creative and promotional materials.

Government Relations

Many clients have relationships with government that are an important consideration as they move forward. We are not lobbyists, but with our experience we can help you develop an understanding of how governments view your issues, how stated government direction can impact your organization, and strategies you can use to present your message to elected officials and public servants.